How can you contribute?

June 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

There are various ways in which you can contribute. Apart from the funds, if you have time and want to volunteer for some activity, we are than happy to work with you.

1) Sponsor a child: Under this scheme you (as individual or as a group) can sponsor a child for a year. The annual expenses of a child is Rs 12000. This amount can be paid in one or more installments as per your comfort. These payments can be done to any of the prayaas team members by cheque or cash. You can also transfer the money directly to the Prayaas bank account. You can get in touch with us and we can discuss more details about the particular child you would like to sponsor etc. Last academic year, we had 4 children who were sponsored under this scheme.

2) Other donation: You can donate any amount you want. Again you can pay by cheque, cash or direct bank transfer.

3) Volunteering for Prayaas: At Prayaas we do not have any hierarchical setup and we do not have any head or secretary or anything else of that sort. We all work as a team. Anybody can join in and contribute as much as he or she wants and can. The main task we have is to monitor the progress of kids. The prayaas school runs from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM , Mon-Sat. One of us goes there everyday to ensure that the school runs smoothly. We also need to be in constant touch with the private school authorities to monitor the progress of kids studying there. We also organize dance, music and drawing workshops for kids on weekends. You can choose to participate in any of these activities. In case you have any other ideas, we would love to work with you on them.


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