It’s not all easy

July 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

We have been facing a few issues for the last few days. Initially, we did not realize the severity of the problem but now we fully do. Here, is how it all started and where we are now …

June 30
Some of us needs to go to the Municipal school, in the compound of which the Prayaas school is conducted. Today, they had changed the lock and even after lot of efforts from CB (one of our teachers) and others, they were not able to get the keys. they had to take the kids to the garden near Vastrapur lake and the studies suffered. We need to go meet both principals – morning and evening and ask about the reasons. They have refused to … and we need to talk to them about this …

July 1 – day
WE HAVE A PROBLEM!! The evening principal is on leave but has left strict instructions not to give us the compound. We intend to speak to the princi whenever she returns but things don’t look encouraging. The school people very categorically told us that there is little scope of we getting the compound.

Second issue is …

While the morning principal has been co-operative enough (so far) the word from the evening one is as discouraging as above. On this front we need to speak to the principal when she returns …

July 1 – night
To solve the Prayaas school premisis problem our first effort would be to speak to the principal of the municipal school and try our best to convince her. Plan B is to try to get permision from …; Plan C is …

July 2
We went to meet the municipal school principal and needless to say it wasn’t a very pleasant visit. She is still stuck up on … and insists that unless we speak to her superior she won’t relent. As far as meeting the superior is concerned we can pretty much rule it out coz she hinted that he would only be coming around diwali and she also wouldn’t let us go meet him/her. However, on the compund issue she seemed to be slightly accomodating. All she wants is to hear the nod from the morning principal who in turn hasn’t shown any opposition to this. Her stance is that she’s ok if the evening principal is ok. Hopefully this will pan out in our favour once we speak to both of them. On the other issue …

July 3
Spoke to the morning principal at the municipal school (finally somebody who spoke softly and was ready to listen). She said she isn’t authorised to give permission as she has been given instructions not to allow us to use the compound but she’s agreed to speak to the concerned person and put forth our case for …
However, this she says needs a couple of days and has asked us to come on Monday despite our insistence on getting it done tomorrow. Personlly, I’m not very hopeful of any success on this front but its still worth a try I guess.

The next few days / weeks are very critical and we need to take the right steps so that the events turn out so as to not affect the lives / studies of the kids.


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