Some progress, a lot left to be done

July 17, 2008 § 2 Comments

I had talked about some of the difficulties we are facing in the last post. Things have not been exactly smooth from there, but by God’s grace we have been able to make some progress. We are trying to take one step at a time so that we do not falter at any place.

But one thing which I have learnt lately is that persistence pays. You need to keep working on something to make things happen. The key to success is sometimes not getting frustrated and giving up but to continue for that extra mile, for some more time.

I have taken a course in which my Professor told me how when he had to get something done for his own company, he had to pursue that issue consistently and persistently. I have had some similar experience, but did not fully realize until he told me about his own experience.

How is all this related to Prayaas and the issues being currently faced? It is again persistence that came to our rescue. After the issue arose, we quickly took stock and met the concerned people about what their problems were with us. One by one we tried resolving each concern, so that we do not leave any weapon in the hands of the other person.

We have been going to the municipal school almost each day for the last 15-20 days. It becomes a little difficult for we need to go at times when we might have classes. So, co-ordinating becomes an issue. Ideally we would like the same person (s) to tackle an entire issue, but that may not be possible due to time and capacity constraints. To the people we are dealing with, we still need to appear as one entity.

On the first day when we went to school, we got a lot of flak from 4-5 people. Three of us went and we were bashed up as if we had done the crime of the worst kind. We were caught unaware of the situation in which we were in and also were not fully aware about the bargaining power we had. So, there was no option but to listen. We have come a long way from there. Though, the criticism has not stopped, it has decreased a lot. And we are more able to put our stand point forward. Going through proper channel and knowing how the hierarchy works helps a lot.

There are two broad issue we are tackling. One was the compound thing which I talked about in the last post. The other was getting leaving certificates (LCs) from the municipal school for the kids we have gotten admission into private school. The first issue is still where it was when it started. On the second issue, it seems that we should be through in a few days. The authorities which preside over the school were helpful in getting this issue resolved. We also did our fair bit in getting new children admitted to the municipal school to compensate for those that had left them due to us.

We managed to get some LCs and are in the process of getting the others. When we got the first batch of LCs, the person asked us to stop coming to the school daily. Her words made us realize that it was because of the fact that we constantly probed her about the LCs and persistently when to the school that she got fed up. One of the reasons for giving us the LCs was that she wanted to get rid of us and our daily presence.

So, if somebody is not doing some work that he / she should have done, just probe then again and again. Send mails, meet them on a regular / daily basis. Sometime or the other they would have to budge and respond in your favour. I saw ‘Shawshank Redemption‘ a few days back, and one of the characters wanted some funds from a central office. So, he sent a letter to the office every week. After 6 years, he got some amount. But he was not satisfied with the amount, which was less than what he had demanded. So, he started sending two letters per week. the letter which cam after 6 years mentioned one thing,
“We now consider the matter closed. Please stop sending us letters.”

They had to budge someday.


§ 2 Responses to Some progress, a lot left to be done

  • Akshat says:

    Don’t you think it would only be fair to describe the municipal school’s position on this matter and why they did what they did. The description shows them in a light I feel they don’t deserve as much.

  • Ashutosh says:

    I agree Akshat that the municipal school was acting in a way that could be seen as fair from their standpoint. They were losing kids from their school and the higher authorities were asking them questions about the same. They were not able to justify the exodus of students.

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