There are no barriers

September 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

You realize the significance of an alumni network, the significance of belonging to a community. There are issues which arise, which you need to tackle and it might happen that after trying for long and putting in efforts, there are still things which do not happen. Then you look to the people within this community for help.

We were in urgent need of finances some time back. We tried to raise as much as we can and asap but still were short of some for the fees we needed to pay for the kids. We finally thought of asking our alumni for funds. There were people who did an online transfer as soon as they heard from us. Some of them adopted a kid, others donated whatever they can. Some others not only donated themselves but contacted their batch and others and followed up till the required funds got collected. One of them is Mr. Vipul Kedia who has already convinced many to donate large sums.

Currently, am in campus, but in a few months, my graduation would get completed. I always think that when I leave, would I be able to give any amount of time to the effort. I believe that if you want to do something from your heart, you will always find time for that. It is only when you pretend to want to do something, but deep deep down inside, the thing does not matter so much that one does not find time for it.

Even distance does not come in the way. There are various ways you might be able to contribute or at least remain interested and try to find ways in which you would be of help. It just depends on how much you want to do it.

I see people daily telling me that I was so busy that I could not do this; that I could not get time to meet you / talk to you etc. I don’t tell them but I know, that they considered other things more important and there was no compulsions.

May be I have digressed a bit, but my aim of saying all this is one can always find ways of doing some work for a noble cause. Please decide that you would do something and you will automatically find a way to remove time from your busy schedule to do that.


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