An afternoon of fun and frolic

October 5, 2008 § Leave a comment

For the uninitiated, IIMA has an Exchange program with many B-schools across the world. As per the program, there are some seats available at these B-schools so that IIMA students can choose to spend a term there. Similarly, some specified number of students from these schools can opt to come to IIMA for a term in their second year.

On the 5th i.e. today, Antoine and Joe, two of the exchange students on campus this term, were kind enough to organize an event for the children of Prayaas. They organized for lunch to be served to the kids and some other fun activities as well. Other exchange students also turned up in large numbers.

All of them were extremely surprised to see 50 odd kids sitting in a highly disciplined manner and in one straight line. Anders also got into the action with the others and helped in serving the kids the food and the ladies helped distribute glasses of water. Some of us also joined the line and had food along with the kids and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

This was followed by Joe getting all the kids together and showing them some “exercises” and all the kids and Antoine and Anders also repeated Joe’s steps to perfection. After this, the Europeans taught the children the famous “Chicken Dance” or as we translated to the kids, “Murgi Naach”! Us Indian students also joined in the fun and that was probably a hilarious sight for anyone passing by. 50 children and close to 20 adults doing the Chicken dance! Later on, the kids returned the favour and were seen teaching one of the European women some Garba steps.

Another hour or so of playing various games followed, such as Statue and even Kabadi. We all joined in a very informal game of football (more like kick the ball around randomly:), which was fun for both the children and the football savvy Exchange students.

For some reason, more than any other sport, these kids like being spun in the air and flipped over and thrown in the air the most. The next half hour was spent in the adults being pestered and pleaded with to spin these children holding their hands, or to flip them upside down. Finally this stopped when all of us started feeling dizzy after twirling all these kids around.

The exchange students were not warned earlier about the dangers of carrying a camera along with them and taking snaps of the kids. There were even scenes of the kids taking pictures of the adults with their own cameras. As usual with every Prayaas event, this too ended up with a full blown photography session with the kids demanding more and more photographs to be taken. Abhishek Biswas was doing his duties as the coordinator of the photography club and teaching these small children how to take pictures, shortly followed by him chasing one of the boys who decided to take the camera and run!

In conclusion, I am sure that every single person there today had an amazing time. It was great seeing the children have so much fun and the smile on their faces and the spark in their eyes made it all worthwhile.

On behalf of everyone at Prayaas, we would like to thank Joe and Antoine for taking the time and effort to organize such a great event for the children and also all the Exchange students who took the time out to come and help out and interact with the kids and teach them in the process as well.


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