There are no excuses

October 13, 2008 § 3 Comments

I was not sure whether to write this post or not, but then I thought of putting it down.

In my first year, I was not active in Prayaas at all. I knew about, I was interested in it but did not put in any efforts towards contributing towards it. In fact, when I got to know about various groups / clubs that operate in IIMA, this was the only one I wanted to join. But somehow that thing died within a few days.

I can give various excuses … that there was the excessive academic pressure … that it was difficult to find time … that nobody told me properly how to get involved … that I could not find much work that I could do etc. But the real issue was that it was not priority. Though I wish to think that I wanted to, the truth is that it was not the case. I firmly believe that if anyone wants to do something from his/heart, it is not possible that there would no time for it. He/she will definitely be able to find some time.

So, my pathetic attitude in the first year was that if somebody would ask me to do something specific about Prayaas, then I would do that. Else it is not my responsibility.

I saw my dorm-mate, someone in my study group and others doing so much work. How did they find the time? Did anybody do hand holding for them and told them what needed to be done? But I did not ask these compelling questions then. I knew if I wanted I can do something, but I didn’t. Now, I sometimes feel very much ashamed at my behaviour.

I was inspired and impressed by these people who despite of all the academic responsibilities and workload did something that so very important. I was amazed how people could be so driven for the cause.

Thankfully, I am doing a little bit better in the second year.


§ 3 Responses to There are no excuses

  • Harish says:

    I thik u penned down exactly my sentiments about joining Prayaas last year. And even i think i m doing a little better this year !!

  • Akshat says:

    I’ve been wanting to ask you this question for a long time but never quite did. I got my answer. I must say it takes courage to face the truth and more so to admit it openly. Admirable.One more thing, you’re doing “a little bit better” than “a little bit better”. Same to you Harish.

  • Vatsal says:

    It is never too late. At least you have taken that first step of doing what you really wanted to. I’ll say majority including me are still far from it. I hope I am also able to plunge myself into what I want to really do.Btw, great work guys with the blog 🙂

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