Prep time

January 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

This is that time of the year when Prayaas gets into the preparation mode. Chaos, the annual cultural festival of IIMA is approaching. From 29th January to 1st February, the campus would witness a different colour, a different crowd, a different ethos and it would have a different feel than the rest of the year.

There was a post about how Prayaas gets involved at Chaos sometime back. So, there would be dance and fun, stalls and cards, crowd and the cause.

This year as well we are planning to have the dance event and the stall. The preparations for the dance sequence have started 2 weeks back and the kinds are full enthu about giving the audience a worth for their money and time. I would not mention the name of the song and break the surprise. I will talk about this after the event.

Last weekened and the current weekend, we are organizing workshops for kids for making cards, bookmarks etc. This ways we would have sufficient items for the stall – to sell and thereby make people aware about the entire effort.

But frankly speaking, many of us are far away from coming up with creative ideas for cards. So, we had to take help of the experts and they were kind enough to oblige. Few of the students from NID, Gandhinagar came for the workshop on a Saturday morning. They spent time teaching kids many methods of making cards and actually sat down with them helping them do the same. The loved the kids so much that they stayed around even after the workshop, just to play around with the kids.


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