Bid adieu …

March 18, 2009 § 5 Comments

This is that time of the year when one bunch of people associated with Prayaas leave the campus. The association does not break, yet it changes. One goes on to become more of an outsider from someone who is actively involved in the day-to-day activities.

One batch at the B-school is about to complete its education and is waiting for the Convocation. They are happy that these were two years well spent, and they look forward to their life ahead. Many are also sentimental about the place and the whole experience, not to mention the different groups each one has formed.

Volunteers share these emotions and they are not too happy with the fact that they would not be able to see the kids as often as they would have liked. They would not be able to celebrate festivals with them, but just eagerly wait for photos to be uploaded to see what happened. They would have to rely on blogs, notice boards etc. to know about the new initiatives, the academic progress of kids etc. One can always visit the city, but I understand that it would not be very easy.

At the same time, volunteers are happy that the next batch has taken over the responsibility rather well. They have been involved for the last year and the transition has been smooth. It is now upto them to take the effort forward. Well, one of the primary aims of Prayaas has been to associate as many people with it as possible. So, this periodic transitions augurs well to that end.

A new batch is also getting ready to come to the B-school. They might not have heard about Prayaas when they are outside, but they would surely do once they are in. Some of them would want to get involved in the effort and the cycle would continue. They would be waiting when the baton gets passed on to them …


§ 5 Responses to Bid adieu …

  • Sony says:

    it is really tough time for people to depart from prayaas.but this is only physical seperation…spirit of prayaas will always be there…can someone compile a data of people associated with prayaas and what was their experiences or lessons laught by prayaas…also what we as individual contributed to prayaas…

  • Anonymous says:

    hi !!from a long time i wanted to become a part of Prayaas and be a volunteer in its activities. Kindly let me know the contact persons email id or phone number as soon as possible. i stay in ahmedabad and was An Academic Associate at IIMA. Also i tried to contact Sameer Gandhi,PGP-2 (Prayaas Co-ordinator)but seems he has passed IIMA this year.

  • Rahul says:

    Hi,You may contact Shashank ( or myself, Rahul (, mobile: 9724344159) in this regard. Alternatively, please pass on your contact information to us so that we can get in touch with you.Looking forward to your association with our efforts at Prayaas,RahulOn behalf of Prayaas team

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Prayas teamfirst of all I wud like 2 salute u ppl 4 doing such a wonderful job. I think education is d only way thru wich whole prblms of our country can b solved nd its a wonderful initiative 4 d cause taken by u ppl. Me nd sum of my frnds wil join u soon to contribute in any way we can.

  • vj says:

    hi…vijeta herei would like to help prayas by donating towards the cause…kindly send me the conatct details of the person i need to get in touch with.Conatct me at

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