Besides the regular schedule of evening classes and extra-curricular activities, kids participate in a number of other activities that provide a common platform to the kids and the IIM A community to interact with each other.

  • Celebration of festivals (such as Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, Rakshabandhan etc.) light up their childhood and fills it with the joys that every child deserves
  • “Campus Walk” for local Amdavadi junta, an initiative with a dual objective of bridging the gap between the localites and IIM A and also for fund collection for Prayaas
  • Participate in Chaos, IIM A’s cultural fest ensures that they develop the confidence to perform in front of the world
  • Regular Health Check-ups to keep their growth and physical development on track
  • Birthday celebrations make them feel special and cherished
  • Competition (painting, sports, etc.) to teach them the importance of healthy competition

In 2011, kids were thrilled to meet Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam while he made a visit to the campus.

Prayaas also runs a day care facility (Creche) to take care of small kids of construction workers at IIM A. Last year, Prayaas also organized a fund-raising event A day at IIM-Ahmedabad during the Joy of Giving week.


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