Ashish Kanubhai Rathod

Ashish Kanubhai Rathod

Rakshabandhan 2014 and Birthday celebrations

Rakshabandhan 2014 and Birthday celebrations

I was born in Ahmadabad in Vastrapur area.I am 13 years old. My
father’s name is Kanubai Rathor and mother’s name is Amruta Ben. My father do
electricity work and remains very busy in his work while my mother do kitchen works
in some homes and get Rs.525/- in return. We are living in a rented one room home
at top floor in a colony where number of residents is far more than its capacity.
People living in my colony are mostly of lower income group. I usually have to be in
a long queue for drinking water and have to bring it on top floor to my home.
My mother is very caring to me. When I was in 4th
know about the opportunity for kids to help in teaching by IIMA student’s initiative as
“Prayaas”. She contacted in the college and after enquiry she realised it being the
best place for her kids to support in the study. She started to sending me for study
there. Since then I am a part of the “Paryaas”, and now I am in 7th standard. In the
morning I have to go to my school, “Corporation School, Vastrapur, Ahmadabad” and
in evening I go to ‘Paryaas’. Teachers there are more caring than that of my school
I always found it enjoyable to go in the IIMA campus as we get
opportunity to play various games there. It is also charming for me to get tastes of
chock-lets and ice-creams there, which we get occasionally. I really enjoy to play
bat-ball (cricket) and football with my friends.
After starting to come in ‘Paryaas’, I started improving in my marks in
the school examinations and this was a reason enough for my mother to be happy.
Many times she says to me, “Ashish, I am sure Beta, you will succeed in your life
and you will change our lives one day and I am waiting that day eagerly.”
Occasionally she visited my new study point and kept asking about my
progress from my teachers. When she was satisfied by my progress, she also
started sending my younger sister Naina with me. Naina is in 5th
good in his studies. We are learning a lot of things there along with the study like,
games, painting, dancing, clay modelling etc.

In Gujrat crimes are increasing day by day so I have decided to be a
police officer after completion of my education. Another this my home is at a very
congested place so I will take a new home for my family. I believe that this will
be only possible by my hard working and support in study by my evening classes
at ‘prayaas’.




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