Day@ IIM A

“If you survived the first term at Ahmedabad (IIMA), you can survive almost anything.”

– Raghuram Rajan (RBI Governor, IIMA PGP 1987)

Ever wondered why he said that… Here is your chance to know why… Spend a day at India’s top most institute, experience life behind the red bricks.

We have a strong legacy of celebrating Day@ IIMA as part of Joy of Giving Week every year wherein we give a feel of a typical day at IIMA to some selected members from outside IIMA community. The purpose is to sensitize people about social causes so that they are able to take up the work at their respective places, and hence be able to spread Joy of Giving Week and Prayaas like concept across our country

Number of Participants: Max 90

Selection Criteria for Participants: Thoughts on problem identification and sustainable solutions for any 1 of the below mentioned topics:

  • Primary Education
  • Sanitation
  • Healthcare

Participants have to limit their thoughts under 500 words.Submission should be mailed to:

and also fill the form here.



Timeline for the selection of participants:

Launch of event participation : 19th September 2014
Submission Deadline : 25th September, 23:59:59
Result Announcement : 26th September, 23:59:59
Confirmation from participants : 27th September, 19:59:59
Waitlist movement and final list : 28th September, 23:59:59




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