The day of colours

It is the Joy of Giving Week at IIM Ahmedabad and of course the Prayaas kids are a part of it. Our kids are a part of the IIMA community and are ready to experience that feeling of joy and satisfaction when we give back to the society.

The day of colours, starts with the search by the Prayaas kids for kids who have been deprived of education in parts of Ahmedabad. They are brought to campus and given a day long experience that the Prayaas kids have earned behind these red walls. The events of the day are organized by the kids and they teach all what they have learnt through Prayaas. We then have cultural event by the kids that includes dance, drama and music. This is followed by the finale event of painting competition for the kids.

The day is not just about the events. It is about the immense efforts the Prayaas kids take to organize the day for sharing what they have learnt. It is about the joy of sharing their experience with the kids. It is about the smiles that they bring in the face of the other kids. It is about making the day memorable for them.

Date: 7th October

Time: 10.30 a.m to 6.30 p.m


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