Joy of giving week – Cultural Performances

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Surabhi Poster


As part of the Joy of Giving Week, Prayaas is hosting a fundraiser Surabhi, the cultural night. The proceeds will go towards the various social service initiatives we conduct.


– Dastan-e-Chouboli : an ancient Rajasthani theatrical art of storytelling
– Music performance by The Music Club
– A short play by IIMA Cultural and Theatrical Society
– Dance performance by Footloose, the dance club

Time : October 11, 2014 ; 7 pm
Venue: RJM Auditorium, IIM Old Campus, Vastrapur

For passes, kindly fill the form

We will contact you with the payment details once you fill the form. Looking forward to your presence in this noble cause. Spread the joy!


Day at IIMA (shortlist)

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Harvard Steps IIMA

Greetings from IIMA..!!
We would like to thank you all for the overwhelming response for Day@ IIM A. The response number was greater than we had expected, given the short time you had for submitting the entries. It also means that it made the task tougher for us, as we had to slog-it out in the past 30-odd hours to judge so many good quality entries in a meritorious manner. It was difficult to select a limited number from the entries we got.
The criteria we kept for evaluating entries is as follows:
– Depth of thinking – 20%
– Subject knowledge – 20%
– Logical rigor – 15%
– Sustainability aspect of the solution provided – 15%
– Pragmatism of the solution – 15%
– Grammar – 15%
-We have cut marks for exceeding word limit
– We have judged late entries – but have cut marks for late entry
– We disqualified entries which had material copied (> 15%) from sources on internet (it excludes facts and figures, quotes, etc)
We would be releasing the shortlists in few minutes from now. The selected people will be notified over mail. Request you all to please do check your mails.
We would like to thank you all again for the wonderful response for the event. We wish you all the best for all your future endeavors
Hope to see you all at IIMA in coming time.
Do write to us in case of any issue.
Email Id:


Joy of Giving week Daan Utsav

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Greetings from IIMA,

The Joy of Giving Week (JGW) is a “festival of philanthropy”. It gives us an immense pleasure to announce the activities planned for Daan Utsav which will be celebrated from 6-12 October.

Following are various activities planned during the week.

1. Day at IIMA

2. Wish Tree

3. Exchange meets Prayaas – Football tournament

4. The day of colours

5. Dinner of Joy

6. Surabhi 

7. Vastra Daan

8. Health checkups and organ donation pledge

Introducing Prayaas

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Here`s a short video about Prayaas and the journey so far:-

How to Donate

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1) NEFT Transfer from any bank account

Account name- Prayaas

Account no- 10307643644

Bank- SBI

Branch- IIM Ahmedabad

IFSC code- SBIN0002653

Branch Code: 2653


2) ATM Transfer from SBI account holders

SBI ATM has an option to transfer in two easy steps. After inserting the ATM card, please choose option to transfer money.

Enter the Account number 10307643644 and enter the amount to transfer and confirm

The colours of Joy: Holi Celebrations 2014

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The colours of Joy: Holi Celebrations 2014

” चेहरों पे आसमान का सागर लिए
गालों पे गुलाबों की खूबसूरती लिए
हाथों पर हरियाली की ताज़गी लिए
कहीं इन सबके बीच छिपे
वो दाँत निकालके खिलखिलाते रहते

वो खिले चेहरे जो मुरझाए फूलों में भी जान लाए
वो खिले चेहरे जो दिल में खुशियों का ढेर लाए
वो खिले चेहरे जो नादानियों से भी नादान कहलाए
वो खिले चेहरे जो उनके सपनों में हज़ारों रंग दिखलाए
वो खिले चेहरे जो सबको जीना सिखाए

काश वो खिले चेहरे यूँ ही हमेशा खिलखिलाए “

2012 Rakshabandhan Celebrations at Prayaas

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I hated him because he spills milk whenever he drinks, he never keeps his shoes clean, imagine the state of his uniform and clothes!! I hate him because he never listens to me and eats the entire brick of ice- cream by hook or by crook. I hate him for all the reasons sisters hate their brothers. But on the eve of Rakhi, I missed him. Far away from my little brother, I could do nothing but pray and hope for his well- being, for his success and his happiness. We all know that no matter how much we get irritated by our brothers and sisters, we always look upto each other as the best pals. We look upto the pious festival of Rakshabandhan which makes this bond stronger.

Like me, everyone thought that they will be bereaved of this happy occasion as we all are away from family. But Prayaas kids never give you a reason to frown. Thanks to them, we celebrated the festival of Rakshabandhan. It started with much fervor as the teachers first taught them about the festival. Then the girls tied Rakhis to the boys and put vermillion on their foreheads. The kids were followed by facchas and tucchas, exchange students and pgpx. Girls did not leave anyone’s wrist bare. All along there was laughter, happiness and gifts presented by brothers to sisters. I was standing right there enjoying the festivity when somebody tied Rakhi on my wrist; it was Raveena, the youngest one at Prayaas. It made me happy all the more. It’s amazing how kids bind you to happiness and give you those beautiful feelings. That moment was special to me and I am sure, it would be for everyone who was there that evening. At last sweets were distributed followed by group photograph. Among all the chirpings and incessant laughter, we were finally able to get few good clicks and smiles on everyone’s face.

Next morning I called my brother and told him how special he is to me. Perhaps, festivals are the sweetest occasions which bring families, friend and relatives together. No matter how far I was away from home, my evening with Prayaas made that feeling more strong.

– Vishala Rao

PS – Here are the pictures for 2012 Rakshabandhan Celebrations

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